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Creative TeamLT ComDesign’s creative team is comprised of a group of professionals and independent contractors who excel in the visual communication field. When dealing with any member of our creative team, you’re sure to find each of us to be passionate about our work, professional, knowledgeable, and approachable.

This spirit of excellence stems from our principal and creative director LaShaunn Tappler. By the way, her initials make up the company name, along with the word "ComDesign,” which is a combination of the words “communication” and “design.” Clever, huh? Anyway, here’s more about her.

Meet LaShaunn Tappler

Creative TeamIn 1992, LaShaunn purchased her first Macintosh, and it’s been a love affair ever since. With her dad being an artist and her mom an entrepreneurial seamstress, it was inevitable that their offspring would start and run a successful graphic design business. Some things are a given, you know.

In 1995, LT ComDesign was birthed with the idea of combining strategic communications and graphic design to produce “smart art.” "Nowadays, people take graphics and text, throw them on a page and consider themselves designers," says LaShaunn. "It takes skill, experience, and education to create effective pieces that motivate audiences to act."

LaShaunn was (and still is) extremely passionate about providing these services to churches and ministries—where she felt it was most needed. Although she’s cultivated relationships with many corporate clients, small businesses and entrepreneurs, she is super-passionate about ministry.

LaShaunn has a bachelor’s degree in business administration and communications from Dominican University (River Forest, IL). She has worked as a communications specialist for a manufacturers’ representative, communications manager for a large telecommunications company, director of communications for a large faith-based organization, and thoroughly enjoys her role as principal and creative director. And though she only likes to admit it when it's convenient for her, she's a perfectionist. (The fact that she's sharing that on the world wide web is a step in the right direction according to the Perfectionist's 12-Step Program.)

She is a technology guru and often cites successfully installing a wireless network for the nine computers in her home office as the accomplishment from which she's gotten the most satisfaction. The icing on the cake is that a combination of (2) Windoze (okay, Windows) computers and (7) Macintosh computers co-exist happily. In her spare time, LaShaunn enjoys reading business and self-help books and dabbling in home improvement stuff. As a matter of fact, she recently became a self-proclaimed Toolbelt Diva.

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