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Creative TeamOur process is simple: listen, think, create, communicate. And we use this effective process for every project, regardless of its size or nature. Don’t let its simplicity fool you though; there is a lot of power packed into this four-phase approach.

Listen. Through a detailed fact-finding session, we’ll gather information about your company, your target audience, and your project objectives. This all-ears approach gives us valuable insight to your world and arms us with the necessary information to go into the next critical phase of thought.

Think. We will take what we have learned from the “listening” session, put our thinking caps on and dive into every facet of your project. Using the winning combination of info from the listening phase, research, and work experience, we will devise a plan of maximum effectiveness to catapult us into the phase of creativity.

Create. With a plan in hand and a specific purpose in mind, only then do we move to this fun phase. We go to the creative table with our minds chocked full of ideas to come up with the most effective way to communicate your message with impact.

Communicate. This is where the rubber meets the road. Using the three previous phases, as well as our knowledge and experience in strategic communication, we’ll make sure that your project communicates effectively. To us, communicating effectively is simply getting the right message to the right people using the right medium.

Our Philosophy

We think every business or organization should have professional and effective materials to communicate their unique position, regardless of their budget. To thrive in business, so much is riding on your ability to create and maintain an image that is synonymous with excellence.

Unlike many graphic design companies, no project is too big or too small for LT ComDesign. We're sensitive to all budgets and promise to respect your financial resources without compromising quality. We know that every organization, regardless of budget dollars, wants the best value for their money. And we promise to deliver the best value and customer service with every project.


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From logos to Web sites, our portfolio shows our versatility, passion, and commitment to excellence.

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