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Creative TeamThanks much for visiting us! Here are a few of our favorite sites to visit while surfing the web. Happy Surfing!

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Fast Company
This inspirational business web site and magazine chronicles how changing companies create and compete, highlights new business practices, and showcases the teams and individuals who are inventing the future and reinventing business.
IABC provides a professional network of more than 13,000 business communication professionals and has a robust library of how-to articles and case studies of successful communication in the real world.
This extremely resourceful site provides small business and entrepreneurs with valuable information on how to start and grow businesses. It covers topics from writing a business plan to marketing and sales efforts.

In Touch Ministries
Dr. Charles Stanley of First Baptist Church in Atlanta spearheads the wealth of Christian inspiration and resources on this site. Most impressive is his sermon archive, which dates back to 2001, and allows visitors to view the entire broadcast of all his messages—FREE! If you’re going through something, Dr. Stanley’s messages are right at your disposable at your time of need. This is ministry at its best.

Apple Computers
In our opinion, Apple Computers, is the true innovator of technology. With extremely well-designed products such as the iPod, the dual-processor G5 (considered the fastest personal computer in the world), and the most beautiful monitors you’ve ever seen, this company takes design and technology to a whole new level.

Black Enterprise
This site seeks to analyze and disseminate information that is helpful to, and provides a forum for the ideas, ambitions and expressions of African American business people and wealth building strategies.

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